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Our Process

Paraphrasing Plato, Thomas Jefferson said that he could learn more about a man during the course of one good meal than he could over seven years of conversation. At The Financial Chef, we echo that sentiment and we like to conduct our initial ‘get-to-know-you’ meeting over a freshly cooked lunch at our Coral Gables office. In addition to giving us an opportunity to learn more about you and your goals, this meeting will introduce you to the various members of our team, help you understand how we operate and allow you to inspect our high-tech offices and state of the art kitchen.


After our meeting, If both parties decide the relationship is worth pursuing, you will be invited back to the office for a ‘data-meeting’ at which you will provide all the necessary paper-work for us to fully understand your fiscal background and, more importantly, so that we can fully understand your goals and ambitions. Having gathered all your relevant data, we will use our analytic tools to generate our financial model in order to design a selection of personalized financial solutions exclusively for you.


During your third and subsequent meetings, we will explain the various strategies we have tailored for you and we will address any questions that you may have. These meetings will cover a whole variety of Insurance, Investment, Financial and even Charitable strategic options that we have tailored for you. Following these planning meetings, we will send you a summary of what has been discussed so that you may study it at leisure and discuss the details with other family members before coming to any decision. We make no apologies for the lengthy introductory process; not only are we determined to fully understand your complete background but we also want you to become comfortable with us, to appreciate how we work and, most important of all, we want you to fully understand what is happening with your investments.


Only after both sides are completely satisfied that we fully understand your goals and that you understand our personalized strategy will papers be signed and you will become a client. As a client you can call our office and discuss your account with a member of our financial team at any time and you will also have online access to a wealth management system.  This will permit you to aggregate all your financial accounts so that you have access to the ‘big-picture’ 24/7.


As a client we do encourage regular meetings and hope that in addition to being a satisfied client you will also become a satisfied dinner guest.