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A third generation chef, David Ortiz was born in New York City but raised in the Catskill Mountains where the life of his large and vibrant Cuban family revolved around his mother's kitchen. Enthusiastically embracing the family tradition, David graduated from the Culinary Institute of America (the "Harvard of Cooking Schools") and became a successful professional chef, moving to Miami where he became executive chef for Bloomingdale's and chef at the prestigious Mayfair hotel when it opened in the mid '80s

It was during the '80s that David discovered his second passion, technology, and he threw himself with his customary enthusiasm into the newly expanding software industry. Designing information technology systems quickly led to David's third passion, financial management and, with a Retirement Planning certificate from the Wharton School of Business, David worked for many years as a Financial Planner. But it required a new century for David to finally bring all these passions and skills together into one seamless whole: The Financial Chef. From his high-tech office to his high-tech kitchen, David Ortiz creates financial solutions and culinary delights to satisfy all his clients' needs.




David will conduct the initial exploratory meeting at the Financial Chef office, usually accompanied by a freshly cooked lunch, where he will explore as much of your personal background as possible and discuss all your short and long-term goals. The purpose of these individual meetings is for David to fully comprehend your financial needs and objectives and to ensure that you fully understand the mechanics, the objectives and the implications of the various financial strategies discussed.



Born and raised in Central Pennsylvania, Michelle Boyce has been fascinated and surrounded by the logistics of business from an early age. Her grandparents were classic examples of American entrepreneurs and Michelle spent her childhood and youth learning about everything from small retail stores and restaurants to beer distribution and car dealerships. It was therefore a natural step for her to enter Penn State University to study business administration and learn the theory behind what she had been observing in real life back home. After graduating in 2004 with a degree in Marketing and Management, Michelle joined the Lifetime Financial Group based in Pittsburgh, - where she worked for the next five years. 

Having become increasingly immersed with the macro economic planning philosophy, she joined 21st Century Financial in 2009 just as the company was starting to adopt this same system.  Michelle and her business partner were hired to conduct training-seminars to other financial service representatives all over the country. In 2011 she was promoted to be assistant sales manager of the office and was instrumental in developing the new corporate training curriculum.

In May 2013, her husband was offered a job in South Florida and Michelle was delighted at the opportunity this presented to reestablish contact with David Ortiz, an old business acquaintance. In July 2013, Michelle became the non-culinary partner in The Financial Chef where she enjoys the vibrant beach lifestyle of South Florida, the stimulating challenges of a hands-on financial services firm and the deliciously appetizing dishes of her new business partner - The Financial Chef.


While David conducts the introductory meeting and explores your general background and objectives, Michelle will follow-up, usually by e-mail, with requests for more specific and detailed data about your family’s financial situation. When all the additional data has been gathered, Michelle and David will use a variety of analytic tools and models to help design a selection of personalized financial solutions. Michelle will join David in the first planning meeting when they will walk you through the various models which have been tailored for you as well as answer the numerous questions you will probably have. Following this meeting, Michelle will send you a summary of what has been discussed so that you may study it at leisure and discuss the details with other family members.